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Facility Rental

Our studios are the perfect space for your one-time or ongoing event needs.

  • Studio A 18' x 37' (Marley dance floor)
  • Studio B 18' x 29' (Marley dance floor)

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  • Rental Information

  • Please use this space to indicate dates/times of rental and primary use of the space.
    • The group or person renting this facility will limit use of the space(s) to the times and dates listed on this agreement.
    • The rented room(s) will be used only by the group or person named in this contract and only for the dates and times rented.
    • The building and floors will be kept clean. Garbage and items belonging to the group should be removed daily.
    • The rooms will be unlocked by DPA staff. The named group or person on this contract will lock all doors at the end of each rental day (this excludes the outer glass doors at both locations).
    • DPA reserves the right to refuse rental at any time for persons not in compliance with the rules and regulations above.
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